Aqua Stamp Microneedle System 24K Gold Plated Micro channeling Device.


“MDDERMIS “MILANO 4D” Sistema de RF de Cavitación Multifuncional 5 en 1, con Inteligencia Estética-4D. Dispositivo de contorno facial y corporal.

Este equipo multifuncional avanzado de lujo combina las últimas tecnologías para el contorno corporal y el rejuvenecimiento facial. Su hermoso diseño lo hace ya preferido por los spas de lujo para sus clientes de alto nivel. “


Queentool Aqua Stamp Microneedle device is an essential antiaging skin tool. Non invasive and easy to use, device. You can perform your antiaging, face, neck, or scalp treatment at home. Personalized your treatment with your meso serum to fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, puffiness, dark circle, dark spot, acne scars. Get your 24k gold aqua stamp for a beautiful and rejuvenated skin look.  Great Gift. Shop Now!

How the Microneedling System or Micro Channeling Works?

The Aqua Stamp microneedling system has 24K gold plated titanium tips, that creates tiny micro-channeling that deliver the product into the skin at the ideal depth of 600 microns. The hollow micropins hold the product, when inserted into the skin and pulled back it will let the product into the skin.

See our mesoceutical serum that are compatible with this device.

Aqua Stamp Microneedling Treatment Advantage:

  • Convenient & Efficient.
  • Smooth derma-channeling system.
  • Controllable flow by pressing strength.
  • Deep penetration and quick absorption.
  • Very tiny micro pins – gold plated. 0.07mm-0.25 mm thick, thinner then human hair.
  • Painless and Non-invasive.
  • Hypoallergenic 24k gold plated tips.

Prepare the device: 

  • Pull out the Aqua Micro-needling System from the sterile package.
  • Choose the meso-serum (We recommend BCN topical sterile ampoules or vials). Use the opener provided to open the topical ampoules.
  • Places the ampoule contents into the sterile tube of the Micro-channeling System.
  • Carefully attached the upper part of the Aqua Micro-needling System to the tube and remove the lid.
  • Then screw the cap to the bottle, be careful not to break them.

How to use:

Cleanse your face with warm water and mild disinfectant. Gently tap the skin with the applicator without pressing, until the tank is emptied. Tap under the angle of 90° to the skin surface and turn the applicator in such a way to enable the solution to come out. Wait for the solution to be completely absorbed. After the treatment, apply soothing hydrating cream. (Try Natuderma’s Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Cream).

Follow package instruction or see our Blog for more treatment recommendations.


  • The device is sterile, recommended for personal use only. Do not share with another person.
  • To reuse wash the device and immerse in 75 % alcohol for about 5-8 minutes.
  • Tap the micro-channeling device min 30-50 times per area, up to 200 whole face.


  • Micropins length : 0.25mm
  • Micropins number : 20 micropins 24K gold plated titanium tips.
  • Capacity of ampoule: 10ml.
  • Certification: Medical CE.
  • Long life: Tested 30,000 stamps or tapping by each microinfusion device.
  • Composition : Medical Stainless steel with gold plating/Polycarbonate / High tensile silicone.
  • For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.

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1.-CAVITACION Avanzada Inteligente 4D. Con 8 polos de Radiofrecuencia + Fotón Rojo. Para adelgazar el cuerpo y tensar la piel.

2.- VACÍO Avanzado Inteligente 4D con 12 polos de Radiofrecuencia + Fotón Rojo. Para moldear, tensar y reducir la celulitis.

3.- RADIOFRECUENCIA AVANZADA 12 polos + Fotón Rojo. Para tensar y reducir la celulitis.

4.- RADIOFRECUENCIA Avanzada 5 polos + Fotón Rojo. Para el rejuvenecimiento de rostro, cuello y brazos.

5.- BIOLIFT + Fotón Rojo. Para reafirmar y levantar, reducir las arrugas y mejorar la permeabilidad de la piel.