Professional High Frequency Skin Care Machine, 6 Neon & Argon Wands – Boost your Skin & Scalp – Firm Tighten & Clarify.


“MDDERMIS “MILANO 4D” Sistema de RF de Cavitación Multifuncional 5 en 1, con Inteligencia Estética-4D. Dispositivo de contorno facial y corporal.

Este equipo multifuncional avanzado de lujo combina las últimas tecnologías para el contorno corporal y el rejuvenecimiento facial. Su hermoso diseño lo hace ya preferido por los spas de lujo para sus clientes de alto nivel. “


Queentool Newest High Frequency Beauty Device, portable handheld professional grade with 6 glass tubes, (3 Argon and 3 Neon). Essential skin care and scalp tool. This amazing beauty device is designed to care the most common skin concern as acne, fines lines, wrinkles, dark spot, enlarged pores, blemishes among other. Also you can used for hair loss treatment. This is a truly Queentool, a must have, an excellent gift.

Queentool is a USA base beauty and wellness brand that bring the most effective and safest devices technology from the Spa to your home.  A professional tested aesthetic device to use in the comfort of you home.

Safe and effective High Frequency Technology,

What’s Included in the High Frequency Beauty Box? 

  • 1 Queentool Professional High Frequency Device.
  • 1 Neon (orange) powered mushroom wand,
  • 1 Neon (orange) powered Y-shape wand,
  • 1 Neon (orange) powered comb wand with Tungsten
  • 1 Argon (violet) powered spoon wand,
  • 1 Argon (violet) powered hook wand,
  • 1 Argon (violet) powered rod wand with Tungsten,
  • 1 Case to protect and transport your High Frequency beauty device.

Advantage of Queentool High Frequency Device:

The Queentool high frequency device provide two color means two different gas neon and argon, you do not need to buy separate kit.  You will have the 3 most common high frequency probe for acne and trouble skin; and the 3 probe most common for antiaging effect.

The Queentool high frequency device come with a padded hard case to store your high frequency probe.

The Queentool high frequency device has 6 six adjustable intensities levels of energy.

The Queentool high frequency device uses a brass friction fitting, not plastic, to hold the wand. There is no rattling of the tubes when they are inserted into the wand handle. They fit snug and are easy to put on and take off.

The Queentool high frequency device uses a 110v ac to 6 v DC power converter, it’s safer than a direct plug in.

How to Use:

Prepare the skin. Cleanse and apply a water base serum or gel.

Plug in the handheld facial machine and insert the correspondent tube o probe. Do not touch the metal part of the probe. Turn on and keep it on the lowest energy level.

You can diffuse the initial zap by placing your index finger on the device first before touching your skin.

Treat your face for 5 min. Use it 2-3 times every week.

When treated around the eyes: Uses the spoon probe, on a lower setting, diffuse the initial zap by placing your index finger on the device first before touching the skin, then adjust the energy level and glide the wand around in circles around the eye area for about 1-2 minutes each.

See box instruction for more details.

Use it 2-3 times every week. 


Legal Disclaimer:
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1.-CAVITACION Avanzada Inteligente 4D. Con 8 polos de Radiofrecuencia + Fotón Rojo. Para adelgazar el cuerpo y tensar la piel.

2.- VACÍO Avanzado Inteligente 4D con 12 polos de Radiofrecuencia + Fotón Rojo. Para moldear, tensar y reducir la celulitis.

3.- RADIOFRECUENCIA AVANZADA 12 polos + Fotón Rojo. Para tensar y reducir la celulitis.

4.- RADIOFRECUENCIA Avanzada 5 polos + Fotón Rojo. Para el rejuvenecimiento de rostro, cuello y brazos.

5.- BIOLIFT + Fotón Rojo. Para reafirmar y levantar, reducir las arrugas y mejorar la permeabilidad de la piel.